What is the tempera strategy?

Tempera is a state-of-the-art risk management system that dynamically measures emerging extreme risks in the subsegments of the financial market (equities, bonds, commodities and currencies) and converts them consistently into emotion-free investment decisions. Tempera is thus an early warning system in order to leave increasingly unstable markets in time or to be fully invested in robust market cycles.

who is the tempera strategy addressing?

Tempera is aimed at investors who want to diversify and aim or have to avoid extreme capital losses while expecting an attractive return on the invested capital. The strategy is suitable both as a stable building block and fundament within a diversified portfolio, but also as an independent asset management concept on its own.

What is really new about Tempera?

Our lives are determined by extreme, rare and significant events. The same applies to the financial market. The success of a portfolio can be decisively negatively affected by a few days of extreme losses. Tempera focuses on the avoidance of extreme losses and does not depend on averages, daily noise and unrealistic "worst case" scenarios.

Is Tempera a so-called "learning system"?

No. Learning systems, like a child's perception, are very well suited to put experience into context. In the financial market, however, they often come a step too late and start adjusting their behavior when consistency is needed. Tempera is a robust system which defines specific signal points for each individual asset class.

"Active Passive Management" - what is behind it?

Passive investment with ETF products is becoming increasingly popular. Many investors question the ability of active managers to beat the market in the long run. At the same time, as a passive investor, the selection of the target markets and the choice of a time to invest are subjected to an unpleasant active decision. Tempera relies on the passive participation in the growth of various asset classes, but controls and limits consistently the otherwise disregarded loss risk of the individual asset classes.

Is Tempera an Algo- or High-Frequency fund?

In the Tempera eVaR Fund, trading signals are neither generated at high-frequency nor traded every few minutes. The finding that a market is characterized by increasing fragility has a stronger meaning than the validity of a high-frequency impulse. Extreme movements are evaluated daily and actions are triggered only if the circumstances change significantly. This decision is made by the Tempera system and is not subject to any discretionary intervention by a manager. At the same time, this automatism is based on extensive, long-term research results and successful action routines derived from it. Tempera acts consistently and rationally when rationality is required.

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